Cash loan in Bank – reviews.


 The bank is universal. Its offer is addressed to both individual clients and entrepreneurs. Both small and medium corporations can use the company’s range. It is worth mentioning that Crediter is the leader in the financial products segment for the agri-food industry and is one of the leaders in the area of ​​consumer loans. The bank has a wide network of branches in large and medium-sized cities, and also offers online and mobile banking.

Crediter – company’s offer

Crediter - company

Crediter has a very wide offer. The range for farmers, which is very popular, deserves recognition. This offer should include leasing loan. Under it, leasing can be combined with subsidies from the European Union that are important for farmers. Crediter also provides services targeted at small and medium enterprises. The offer can be found on the lender’s website by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the page.

The basis of the services provided by the bank are loans. We can distinguish mortgage, installment, cash or car loans. The latter is a loan of up to PLN 500,000. The loan period starts from 6 months and is maximum 10 years. This is the best offer on the market addressed to both individual and corporate clients.

Cash loan in Crediter

Cash loan in Crediter

As part of the cash loan from Crediter, we can apply for PLN 200,000. We can use it for any purpose. Interestingly, we can receive a loan decision by phone. However, this is only possible if you reach for a loan by phone. The availability of each product and credit terms depend on the result of the bank’s creditworthiness analysis. This is based on previously collected data.

We can take cash loans at Crediter for up to 120 months. A long loan period will allow the loan to be spread over many convenient installments. Thanks to this, they will not be felt for the home budget. It is worth noting that the lender as part of the service guarantees favorable interest rate and any method of applying for cash. For this purpose, the customer can use the form on the lender’s website or use the phone number directing him to the hotline. People who are at odds with technology, the lender invites you to one of its branches. They are located throughout Poland.

Insurance from Crediter

Insurance from Crediter

The banking leader guarantees a whole bunch of insurance. They can be used by all those who reach for the lender’s products. Among the most frequently chosen policies, “Secure card” insurance deserves attention. It provides comfort and safety of using plastic money. Includes insurance against the unauthorized use of a lost or stolen card, cash withdrawn as a result of an armed robbery from an ATM and the loss or damage of property purchased with the card.

Travel insurance is also popular. As part of them, we can insure the car or provide protection against unforeseen events. We can also insure the building, ensure the health of loved ones, as well as secure cash borrowed from Crediter.

Special occasions from Crediter

Special occasions from Crediter

Crediter, apart from providing many useful services, also offers special promotions. They can be reached by both regular customers and those newly interested in the bank’s offer. The best-seller among the lender’s additional offers are “Shopping with an account”. It is a promotion thanks to which account holders at Crediter can receive 3 x 50 PLN for purchases. The bank also guarantees the payment of PLN 100,000 to the winner who pays regularly with BLIK and takes part in the draw.

Bank customers can use the option of creating an account. The optimal and maximum account remains for consumers to choose. Keeping both accounts and withdrawing cash from ATMs is absolutely free. Debit card support also costs nothing – both bank accounts are free. Additionally, as part of the promotion, holders of a savings and checking account can get coupons for a total amount of PLN 150.

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